As If Rosie Couldn’t Get ANY Worse…

After the hubbub of Donald Trump’s name calling of has-been Z-lister Rosie O’Donnell, TVGuide headlines proclaimed:

“Rosie O’Donnell Had the Most Epic Response to Donald Trump”

Yeah – I guess that’s right if your definition of “epic” is  vile, disgusting, lowest-level-of-nasty, can’t-let-my-kids-look-at-the-computer-screen filth ever to hit the airwaves.


O’Donnell made reference to her own menstrual period (which apparently have now ceased, in a TMI moment from O’Donnell herself) on the SiriusXM show Just Jenny. O’Donnell explained that she would have used the blood from her body to write “You’re all a-holes” on “some people’s faces.” I know…classy!

She also made reference to the London marathon runner Kiran Ghandi who chose to use no feminine protection while running the hours-long race recently, saying that Ghandi may have done it to say “F— you, a–holes.”

Well then.

TVGuide says this is an “epic slam on Donald Trump for the presidential candidate’s offensive remarks about women.”

I’m a woman and I feel like O’Donnell comments are WAY more offensive to women than what “The Donald” said.

Word of Advice to feminists: Any time you have to use menstruation for a come-back, you probably ought to rethink your response.

I can hear The Donald now, saying

“Without me, nobody would be talking about Rosie O’Donnell. She should be thanking me.”

And he’d be right!

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