Something More Sinister Lurks at Planned Parenthood

Short of adoption, in order to be a parent, one must give birth to a child. The main focus of Planned Parenthood has always been about killing children.

Scientific data shows that a woman who has had an abortion may be at higher risk of developing a condition known as placenta previa, which puts the life of the baby and mother at risk. This is due to uterine damage that can be received during an abortion.

Other gynecological complications include perforating, or tearing a hole in the uterus and cervical lacerations. Also, women who have undergone abortions are shown to have an increased incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, hemorrhaging, and subsequent ectopic pregnancies.

These factors alone can make a succeeding pregnancy less likely to end with a healthy baby.

According to the Elliot Institute, a research group studying the effects of abortion, the psychological ramifications of women following the procedure are just as serious.

Women who have abortions have higher rates of suicide, accidental deaths, and are even 14 times more likely to die from homicide.

The recent investigative videos by Center for Medical Progress reveal to the watching world, what is the true heart and soul of Planned Parenthood. The executives of the butcher shop do not desire to see any of these women become mothers. Planned Parenthood is clearly focused on profit as an end result, no matter the means to acquire it.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care that women who choose to end the life of their baby are less likely to become a physically and/or psychologically sound parent in the future.

According to the most recently released video, the abortion doctor who is being interviewed discusses what she sees on regular basis.

“I know I’ve seen livers, I’ve seen stomachs, I’ve seen plenty of neural tissue…usually you can see the whole brain usually come out.”

She is completely at ease sharing gruesome details of what she observes as well as the future training providers would need in order to begin discerning which body parts to set aside.

What occurs behind the closed doors of Planned “Barrenhood” is indefensible, by even the lowest of standards. Needless to say, the airing of positive commercials to support the organization, in response to this exposure is laughable.

These atrocities should not surprise any of us who live in reality. I commend Center for Medical Progress for sharing these videos in order to move us, the silent majority, to action.

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