Soros’s Elaborate Ruse

George Soros has a sense of humor.

We’ve learned that he funds the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and as we have learned, one of the movement’s leaders is a white man, raised by a white mother, whom he adores.

Another installed Soros puppet is Barack “Green Energy” Obama.

Obama vowed to get rid of the coal companies, and he has most of them in financial triage. Their stocks are at all time lows, and many are near financial disaster. This means Soros has the coal companies right where he wants them.

As the saying goes, “Buy low, sell high,” and that’s what Soros is doing.

For years Soros has advocated eliminating fossil fuels, and now we learn that he has recently purchased one million shares of Peabody Energy and a half million shares of Arch Coal at a cost of roughly $2 million. To put this in perspective, when President Obama took office, Peabody was trading at $90 per share. It now trades at $1.00 a share.

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A recent Fox new article reports:

“Free market energy experts note Soros has invested more than a billion dollars into think tanks, lobbyists, political action committees and politicians who have pushed for regulations that have nearly destroyed the coal industry, in favor of so called ‘clean energy.’ ”

Granted the purchase of these stocks is chump change for the 29th richest man in the world with a net worth of $24 billion. He is a shrewd investor and wouldn’t have jeopardized his holier-than-thou reputation as the heavyweight champion of green energy. Soros knows something, and it was likely information he gained illegally.

Soros has a reputation for insider trading, and in 2009 he was convicted for insider trading in France and fined $2.5 million for his investments in the French bank Société Générale.

Perhaps he’s hedging his bets on a Hillary Clinton collapse and a Republican victory in the 2016 presidential election.

He has donated millions to the campaigns of Clinton and Obama. As the left leaning Guardian noted in a recent article:

“Soros has also been a significant donor to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s election campaigns, donating at least $1m to each through the Priorities USA Action superpac. Both have positioned themselves as supporters of strong climate action. The coal industry has admitted that Obama’s clean power plan, which Clinton has vowed to support, threatens the future of coal in the US.”

Obama torpedoes this industry and leaves it to the billionaire industrialist to pick up the spoils. Coal can’t go away for the foreseeable future, as it is used to prop up the “green energy” failures. Soros knows this; even crap-for-brains Obama knows this. I will be curious to see if Obama’s stance towards “black energy” changes, now that his adopted Daddy and puppeteer has invested in the nasty stuff.

This wouldn’t just be a case of insider trading. It would be straight up corruption to the highest level of our government. Of course nothing would happen. Obama would deny it and it would be explained away as a “coincidence.” Like Ted Cruz said, Obama and his cohorts are part of the “Washington Cartel.”

What they cannot deny is that this is just another strong example of the hypocrisy of the Left. They talk a good game about saving the earth, but in the end they are all about themselves. Billionaires like Soros can buy politicians and install their own regimes so they can stuff their bank accounts.

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