Step Aside Jihadi, We Have Homegrown-Obama Terrorists That Will Do

Why import any more Islamic terrorists, when we have some of the best home-grown terrorists around.

Islamic jihadists target infidels, or essentially any non-Muslim. American terrorists target law enforcement or anybody declared not black.

I have been told that the hatred of whites by blacks is not an accident. White privilege has been touted by the liberal left for as long as I can remember. Still, hatred for someone because of their skin color baffles me. Many blacks use the supposed deference paid to whites as an excuse that they deserve what they do not have. There exists the belief that the government owes them everything to make up for this injustice. These long taught fallacies produce jealousies and angst unfairly, and lead to civil unrest.

Across the world, Wahhabi schools raise children to hate western civilization and freedom. The Wahhabi brand of Islam was born in Saudi Arabia. They have dumped some $87 billion  into converting and teaching Wahhabism in America and across the world. Saudi Arabia has also provided funding to convert  black Americans and those in our prisons. It is estimated that 90 percent of Americans converted to Islam are black. Further, we have our public education system to thank for the majority of how black Americans feel and act towards society.

What we are witnessing is the product of own home-grown terrorism, as these recruiters and trainers are incredibly active in all liberal-run cities.

Many blacks people are taught, from a young age, that white people think they are superior or want to keep them at a disadvantage. They are told that America is evil and has never been a country that was built on freedom. I challenge blacks or any other subculture in America to tell me where they could do better.

We are taught that our founding fathers were racists and bigots, and perhaps some were. Yet, nobody explains that despite that, these flawed men wrote slavery out of the Constitution, and penned the words, “All men are created equal.”

Liberalism has created a welfare system that is a trap. The system lures the underprivileged in, by giving money away, yet requiring no work. This system that was set up for the most needy among us, less than 10 percent, now has captured a large percent of blacks. But there is no opportunity in welfare, without work. And Liberals can’t create jobs. As Hillary Clinton recently explained,

“Don’t let anybody fool you into believing that businesses  creates jobs.”

The State Department  believes that the way to calm the violence of ISIS would be to give them jobs, so how about we try that with black teens?

If business can’t create jobs, according to Hillary, then government can? Hillary, where are the government jobs for black teens?!


Several disturbing stories have surfaced over the past week, that showcase the desire to instill terror into the hearts of either law enforcement and/or white people all across this country by certain people in the black population.

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam spoke recently at a church in Miami. Basically he charged 10,000 of his followers to embrace martyrdom, if needs be, in order to kill either police officers who have been involved in shootings of blacks, or white people in general. Part of the speech can be viewed here.

According to a recent WND report, Farrakhan states:

“I’m looking for the 10,000, in the midst of a million. Ten thousand fearless men who say, ‘Death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny. Death is sweeter than to continue to live and bury our children while white folks give the killer hamburgers. [Charleston church massacre suspect Dylann Roof was fed by police while in custody.] Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy [white people].”
He continued:
“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.”
In another incident in Birmingham, AL, a plain-clothes police detective who happens to be white was pistol whipped over the weekend by Janard Cunningham, a 34 year old black man, who has at least six convictions and other arrests to his credit.
As reports,
The detective had pulled Cunningham’s SUV over because of possible connections with burglaries that had happened in the vicinity. Instead of listening and obeying the policeman’s instructions, Cunningham thought it would be a good idea to charge the detective, steal his gun, and proceed to beat him mercilessly until he lay lifeless on the ground.
Not only was the law enforcement officer assaulted, but the continued rejoicing of his beating continued on social media sites afterwards. Pictures of the injured policeman showed up on the Internet where there was nothing but praise for Cunningham’s brutality.
A third example comes from Waller, Texas, where Sandra Bland was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and was found dead in her jail cell three days later.
Anonymous, the online hacking group who basically protests authority, and wears the black and white Guy Fawkes masks, reportedly made threats against the Waller County police department as well as plans to protest there.
Of the protestors, one called Sunshine, told reporters and anyone within earshot that all white people should be killed. Ms. Sunshine also claims to be one of the organizers of “Fergusonspring”, according to her Twitter page.
 What I have been taught is to respect other people and judge them according to their character. Most people I know appear to have been taught the same. But, there is a growing unrest in America by those who judge others by the uniform they wear or the pigment of their skin.
A real leader would address this kind of terrorism; Obama says nothing. By saying nothing, Obama gives approval by default. Obama needs the chaos within the population.
As for him, he’ll just enjoy his vacation. Who knows?  He may just tack on a few more days to reward himself for the great job he’s done in the transforming America.
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