Why Ted Cruz Should Be President

Ted Cruz

Let me begin by saying, this is not an endorsement for Ted Cruz, just an observation.

I have spoken openly and boldly about what it takes to be a leader, and Cruz yet again exemplifies what I’m talking about.

First Cruz backed Trump’s statement about illegal immigration, as others in the Republican Party didn’t. The RINOs played the political game of the Left, who attempted to make Trump and all other Republicans appear as racists, xenophobic, anti-Mexican, and so on. Trump’s clumsy comments were spot on at their core, and that is the drug dealers, rapists, and other miscreants of society don’t generally try to enter our country through our LEGAL and ONLY immigration system.

I disqualified five candidates who spoke out against Trump at the time, as they played into the Leftists’ hands.

Now Trump has a new controversy, and this one involves Fox News and Megyn Kelly.

On this one, Trump is wrong. He’s acting like a spoiled child and since he kicked his own ass during the debate, he needs a scapegoat. It seems when Trump loses, he needs a whipping boy, as he demonstrated when asked about his bankruptcies.

“These are mean people,” Trump said of his business partners who lost billions in his bankruptcies.

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The losses weren’t Trump’s fault; they were the fault of his “partners,” who put up the money. DAMN THEM!

As I’ve written before and discussed on my radio show, Trump did himself in; not Megyn Kelly, not Fox News.

Nevertheless, Trump doubles-down. Ever the showman, Trump is tweeting nonsense, and attacking Kelly on other shows. And yet again, Trump is allowing America to see who’s presidential material and who is not. Trump is not.

Trump is doing what Obama does when he gets mad at people –  he demonizes them. He compares Republicans to Iranian terrorists. He dispatches the IRS after Conservatives. Is this the type of president America wants, where if he disagrees, he begins a media war. Been there, still there, doing that!

The fact is, this is a tiff between Trump and, well…Trump. Megyn Kelly has Fox News backing her, and she also has Megyn Kelly.

She’s a tough woman, very smart, and Trump stands no chance. Kelly needs no protection, and any presidential candidate should know this. So liken any candidate commenting on this to Obama chiming in on Gates’ Gate, or Trayvon Martin. Petty and very unpresidential.

Yet, here are the comments by the various Republican candidates:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took to Twitter on Saturday morning to defend Kelly, writing that “there’s no excuse for Trump’s comments.”

“@MegynKelly is a tough interview,” Walker added. “Being POTUS is tougher. @GOP candidates & media need to get back to how we’re going to turn U.S. around.”

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Trump’s repeated gaffes disqualify him from the 2016 race.

“Donald Trump has proven once again that he doesn’t have the temperament to hold the nation’s highest office,” Perry said in a statement. “Attacking veterans, Hispanics and women demonstrates a serious lack of character and basic decency, and his comments distract from the serious issues facing our country.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. , called on Trump to drop his campaign, saying he is unfit for the Oval Office.

“Enough already with Mr. Trump,” Graham said in a statement. “As a party, we are better to risk losing without Donald Trump that trying to win with him. … Due to Donald Trump’s unrelenting and offensive attack on Megyn Kelly and others, we are at a crossroads with Mr. Trump. … These are statements not worthy of the office he is seeking nor consistent with the leadership we should expect from a Commander-in-Chief in these dangerous times.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Saturday expressed disbelief with Trump’s choice of words describing Kelly’s debate performance.

“Come on – give me a break,” Bush said in an appearance at Atlanta’s RedState Gathering. “What Donald Trump said is wrong. What he said does not win elections. Worse yet, it is not something that brings people together. Mr. Trump should apologize.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, meanwhile, used Trump’s battle with Kelly as a means of highlighting how inclusive his own campaign is.

“You don’t tear people down just because they disagree with you or stand up to you or question you,” Kasich said in a statement. “I deliberately seek out different views in my life and work, and I am grateful for the strong women in my family, in my office, in my cabinet and on my campaign because they improve everything they touch.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Saturday said Trump’s views are not reflective of the overall GOP message.

“The Republican Party is not engaged in a war on women,” he told reporters after addressing the RedState Gathering in Atlanta.

Carly Fiorina, the only female in the Republican 2016 race, also rejected Trump’s comments on Friday evening.

“Mr. Trump: There. Is. No. Excuse,” she tweeted. “I stand with @MegynKelly.”

Anybody who got involved in this should NOT be POTUS. This is trivial to say the least, and beneath the position of a president. Which brings me to what Ted Cruz said.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, defended Kelly as a “terrific journalist” Saturday afternoon but criticized the media for quizzing him about her feud with Trump.

“Every Republican candidate should treat everyone with respect,” he told reporters after his own RedState Gathering appearance in Atlanta, adding, “I’m not going to engage in the back-and-forth on personalities. I get that’s what the media loves.”

THAT is a presidential response.