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Only when Hollywood wants to make money, with shows like Cops or World’s Deadliest Police Chases and so on, will they showcase the true bravery cops must have to put on the blue uniform.

Here is an example of what many police face routinely. In what should have been a regular traffic stop in January, for two Tucson, Arizona police officers things turned deadly, this according to PoliceOne.


Twenty-nine year old Chris Ingram was upset that his wife filed for divorce. Earlier that evening, Ingram told his sister:

“Things are going to get bad, you better leave.”

Two different calls to police officers described a man “acting crazy.” Officers Deputy John Mennen and Sgt. Jason Mingura responded and ultimately located Ingram. They tried to stop him, and he ran a stop sign.

One of the officers, Mennen, approached the car and asked Ingram to raise his hands. As Officer Mennen realizes that Ingram is indeed armed, Ingram begins shooting, hitting Mennen in the stomach and shoulder. Ingram then exits his vehicle to shoot at Officer Mingura, who was subsequently hit in the hand and backside.

Ingram attempted to return to his vehicle to retrieve what officers thought was another weapon, when Mennen exchanged gunfire, shooting Ingram.

Ingram died as a result of the gunshot.

So, let’s break down what happened here:

* A guy didn’t respond when cops pulled him over for a traffic violation.

* A guy hunched over and wouldn’t show his hands to the police.

* A guy began shooting at the police officers (never a good idea).

* A guy died not because of his race but because of his actions.

The cops stopped this guy because TWO separate phone calls to their office told them he was already planning something bad. THEN he didn’t listen to them, then he shot at them. He wasn’t pulled over due to his race; he was pulled over because the police were responding to two phone calls regarding his state of mind.

That’s not profiling. That’s what the police do to “serve and protect.” Unfortunately for Ingram, he forced the police officers to protect themselves and others, resulting in his death. Tragic but very preventable.

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