Times Square Is Always A Circus . . .

But even P.T. Barnum would call this carnivalesque atmosphere epic. Snakes, costume “artists,” exposure, oh my! New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response is not only typical for a lunatic Leftist, but it rouses cynical eyes from skeptical Big Apple residents, too.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Business, tourism, and native New Yorkers can scarcely believe the sights going on in Times Square these days. The peep show, XXX shops of the late 1970s during the Ed Koch administration, into the early 1990s, when Rudolph W. Giuliani had won the mayoral spot, are making a comeback . . . sort of. Right alongside drunken Santas, warring comic book heroes, groping Elmos, restaurants hiking prices to capitalize on the spectacle, and homeless vagrants relieving themselves in the streets of Pedestrian Plaza.

But this time, topless girls, once regulated to 8mm film and pixelated on the Internet, now bare it all. In public. Live. In body paint ranging from Old Glory to van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” covered her nipples strategically. And in plain view of families with small children (though teen guys might not be that horribly offended, much to the dismay of a Billings, MT. teacher on a tourist junket with her junior high students).

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According to the GoTopless.org and in the city’s municipality laws, women going shirtless is legal in New York. And those few dozen brave souls marching in the “Nipple Pride Parade” knew the city was powerless to stop them. The parade was in conjunction with the same action in 60 cities across America.


“Women should get to go topless just as men do,” one parade participant told a CBS news radio reporter. “We’re just exercising our rights. If the Naked Cowboy (a man playing a guitar in nothing but cowboy boots, a Stetson and a pair of tighty-whiteys) is permitted in Times Square, this should be allowed, also.”

Not so fast, you bare-breasted lunatics. Mayor Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are convening a task force to tackle the troublesome lady-torpedoes on high-beam, with everything from a “nipple tax” to—although he meant this tongue-in-cheek—NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton suggested regarding Pedestrian Plaza to “just tear the whole damn thing up,” to looking into oversight and regulation of topless women and costumed characters.

So. Leftists want total freedom to do it in the road, if it feels good, do it, our bodies, our worlds . . . but when the rubber meets the road, if it’s morally wrong to do it, then they tax it, never mind if people are openly offended by it. Or if people playing costume characters can’t behave long enough to make a buck rather than nail an uppercut, put the cops to work, the arrested post bail enough to make the city money, and the Leftists look to oversight—again, code word for taxing—the costumers anyway.

A typical day in Liberal-run New York City. Tomorrow, stop on by Broadway and 41st Street to see the newly released owner of an eight-foot long albino boa constrictor reunited with his reptile. Bound to be lots of lovin’, huggin’, and squeezin’ there, that’s for sure

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