Trump Channels Marion Barry: “That B Set Me Up!”

Recall the famous words uttered by Marion Barry after being caught smoking crack cocaine, “That bitch set me up!”

One has to imagine “The Donald” muttering something close after the first Republican presidential debate.

The question going into the debates was whether the candidates had enough guts to take on “The Donald’. As it turns out, Fox News Anchor of The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly, did the dirty work for Trump’s fellow candidates.

Kelly did what the ‘Repugnicant’ establishment and Democrat Party could not: she single-handedly took Trump out at the knees.

It was clear to the Fox News moderators that the only one on stage that had left the door open for a 3rd-party option was ‘The Donald’. Kelly singled out Trump and admitted as much by stating in a debate recap that she and her colleagues considered what Trump’s response would be.

Kelly was not finished, as she quoted Trump, saying he has called women, “dogs and pigs.”

Fair game? Who’s to say. It would certainly have come up eventually, especially if Trump were to face Clinton as some point. But for many, it appeared heavy-handed.

You have to admit that Trump didn’t do himself any favors. When asked about his bankruptcies–certainly fair game–Trump threw his business partners and financiers under the bus. Trump could have been more diplomatic, saying something like,

“In business you roll the dice. In more cases than not, I have succeeded, as have my partners. In four instances of hundreds, I haven’t. Yet, I and many others have succeeded.”

This would have allowed a nice segue as to how government has fared.

“Government is 100 percent failure. If it weren’t for its ability to continually fleece hardworking, taxpaying Americans, the government would be broke! Oh wait…the GOVERNMENT IS BROKE! That’s why I wouldn’t hire Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to run any of my businesses.”

That would have put Fox News and everybody else on notice that Trump came to fight. Based on his performance, Trump wanted to unzip his pants, hear the “thud,” and have the audience stare in bewilderment.

Kelly wasn’t impressed. She showed herself to be unafraid to go toe- to- toe against the most powerful person to date in the primaries and a possible future president of the United States.

I think ultimately she did America, Trump, and the Republicans a big favor. Nobody can accuse Fox News of tossing softballs at the candidates. If Trumps goes further, you can bet he will study harder, as will the other candidates.

More importantly are the lessons for the Left, and that is expect to get your nose bloodied (Hillary). There will be nowhere to hide, when you’re auditioning for the presidency. It won’t be a “style” show, as it was for Obama.

Final note: who knew ‘The Donald’ and Marion Barry would one day become kindred spirits?

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