Trump: He’s white and he can fight

Usually this early in a presidential race, there is not a whole lot of excitement. A bit of jockeying, and mostly we see the candidates act as policy wonks, battling it out for the most “sellable” stance.

This year is different. While Hillary is running an anemic campaign against what amounts to a group of nobodies, the Republicans have one of the best slates of candidates in decades.

Hillary will get competition, likely from Joe Biden, and there are rumors of others, yet there is one man soaking up all the oxygen.

Love him or hate him, Trump is the belle of the ball. Donald Trump says what he thinks, and he is far from politically correct. This makes him genuine.

And even more endearing is the fact that he doesn’t care who likes what he says.

One thing that has been missing in Republican politics that Trump does is he fights back. Recently, several other GOP candidates said some not too nice things about “The Donald”. Most campaign strategists might tell their candidate not to dignify it with a response; don’t give it legs. Trump did no such thing and called out those who would dare attempt to ski in his wake.

Because of Trump’s brash, bare-knuckled fighting approach, there is much debate on whether Trump is good for the Republican Party, the brand. This is truly funny, when one evaluates the polling for Republicans. Their numbers are lower than the teats on a pregnant wiener dog walking in a wagon rut.

Ask the average black Liberal about Republicans and the resounding feedback is racist. There’s no sense taking you through the history of Republicans and blacks except to say that Republicans freed the slaves and sponsored almost all civil rights legislation to help blacks. Yet, it is the slaveholding Democrats who get the credit.

Do you think in your wildest dreams that Trump would allow this misrepresentation of his work?! Oh hell no!

Trump would be SUING the people who demonized him! In other words, he would be fight to correct the record and make the thieves pay. Trump may not be eloquent, polished, or even nice at times; but he fights back, and he fights back hard.

The Republican who overtakes Trump will have been in a fight, and will deserve to become our nominee.

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