An Update from Trump’s Rally in Alabama You Won’t Want to Miss!

I received an e-mail from Ron Vincent, a friend of mine who writes The Mississippi Lighthouse Blog. He attended the Trump rally in Mobile, Alabama, and he provided an update.

Here is what he wrote:

I attended the Donald Trump event last night (Friday 8/21) with my fellow Hattiesburg Tea Party organizer, Jennifer West.  I would like to give you a report on my observations.

The excitement about the event was evident hours before the event started. We stopped in Moss Point for gas.  At the stop we encountered several people who were vocal about attending the Trump rally. They asked us if we were going and smiled when we told them that is indeed where we were headed.


After an outstanding meal at a seafood restaurant on the Mobile Bay Causeway, we arrived at Ladd Peebles Memorial stadium around 5:45. We elected not to go into the stadium right away and were still outside when Donald Trump’s plane made a low pass over the stadium. The Trump logo was clearly visible on the side of the plane. A lot of people were yelling and screaming, waving and taking pictures of the low flying plane with their cell phones.

Once inside, I was blown away at how well organized the event was. Keep in mind that this event had at least three changes of location as the number of people who confirmed they were attending kept growing.  This location at the football stadium had only been selected around 36 hours prior to the event taking place.  I conservatively estimate the crowd at around 20,000.  There were people there from as far away as Florida, Tennessee and Louisiana.

This event was a lot like a Tea Party rally. Everyone was friendly, well behaved, and did not trash the place. The event opened with a patriotic prayer delivered by a black minister that was so passionately delivered that people could not help but be moved.  This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance lead by some local school students. Then there was a stirring rendition of our national anthem sung “a cappella” by Holli Mosley, a very talented young lady.  The event was attended by Senator Jeff Sessions, the Mayor of Mobile and several state politicians.

There was a platform set up for the news media. There were too many for me to count, but there must have been more than thirty different news outlets on hand to cover the event.

Trump covered all of his trademark issues: illegal immigration, trade, the poor state of the economy, the poor job the political leadership of both parties have done for our country, his pledge to rebuild the U.S. military, and his pledge to make America great again. In addition, he discussed the catastrophic treaty with Iran, belittling the efforts of John Kerry and Obama. He pointed out that the USA got absolutely nothing in the deal, while paving the way for Iran to build nuclear weapons and even giving them the money to finance it. He pointed out that he would never have given Iran their money back.  He also ridiculed the notion that Iran is going to inspect itself for treaty compliance. He discussed the loss of jobs to Mexico and China. He promised to restore these jobs back to the USA where they belong.  Along the way he took humorous jabs at Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

In what I thought was a ridiculous effort and waste of money, Jeb Bush’s super PAC paid for a plane towing a banner reading: “TRUMP 4 HIGHER TAXES, JEB 4 PREZ.”  It was a pathetically tacky effort that was so out of place at the well organized Trump rally.

I was also blown away at the energy of the crowd. The crowd was yelling and cheering, standing and waving signs, most of which were home made. I have not seen such an energized crowd since Sarah Palin addressed the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans 8 years ago.  Trump really had the old Ladd Stadium rocking in Mobile last night.

It seems that the silent majority is silent no more.

My note: #BlackLivesMatter was a no show


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