If White People Are So Bad, Then…

There is a BOUNTY on white folks, and nobody wants to discuss it, which is why I will.

Go ahead with the calls of “Uncle Tom” and “Coon-ass nigga” and whatever else, as I don’t care what you call me. I know what I’m about to say is TRUTH!

I will begin with the question,

“Why are almost all asylum seekers people of color?”

The Scandinavians are not looking for a new home. I don’t recall the last time a Swede was seeking asylum or amnesty, outside of Bjorn Borg leaving Sweden because he was tired of paying 70 percent income tax.

The French are not. The British are not.

Canada borders America, and outside of coming to America to get adequate health care, they aren’t sneaking across our border to “take the jobs Americans don’t want.”

But plenty of Africans want OUT of The Motherland and from many African countries. One of my friends from Ethiopia told me that if America opens its borders, Africa will empty out. And it’s not just Africans, as plenty of Muslims are seeking asylum.

They run from state to state within their desert wastelands, looking for a place to survive, yes, just survive. Many end up in America, living among the infidels who incidentally have built a great country where there is very little strife in comparison.

So what’s up with the PEOPLE OF COLOR?! They can’t build great countries to which people want to immigrate? Back to that in a bit…

In the U.S. we have a similar situation. We have black people trapped in “black neighborhoods” and like the Africans, they want OUT! Crime infested hellholes with the worst schools and the worst businesses, is what most black neighborhoods are.

White Liberals NEVER want to live with black folks, unless the area is “gentrified.” Even Eminem, the blackest white guy ON THE PLANET would not DARE live in the HOOD!

So all these bourgeois Leftist end up in the suburbs in beautiful, even gated communities, where few people of color live. If you ask the average black person surviving the gauntlet of ghetto life if he or she would like to move, and they would answer “HELL YES!” And they want to live where the white folks live.

To live where the white folks live means you’ve made it!

The same is true for the Africans and Middle Easterners (and everybody else for that matter) who make it to America. To get here means you’ve made it.

The government hates that America is mostly white, because mostly white people means civility. The racist Left wants you to believe that white people are bad, when they know that African, Middle Eastern, and other “brown” countries are beyond deplorable. Mistreatment of women, mistreatment of gays, the wanton murder of their own people for no reason are standard. Archaic laws that shouldn’t be practiced anywhere in the world prevail there.

You won’t find white people ANYWHERE fighting to get into Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, Central America, and so on.

So if white people are so bad, why does everybody want to live with them? And if that’s not enough food for thought, try this. Pick your African, Middle Eastern or other “colored” country and tell me if you’d like that country to be the example for the world.


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