Who Does YOUR Favorite Celebrity Donate Money To?

We all know that show biz is FULL of liberals, so it’s no big surprise which party they tend to give to.

However, you might not know how MUCH they give.

Some of these figures might make you rethink where you spend your hard-earned dollars.

According to Open Secrets, for the 2014 election cycle, the biggest recipient of celebrity contributions was DNC Services Corp (that stands for Democratic National Convention, btw). This organization raked in just over $475,000 from 42 different celebrities including:

Fashion Designer Michael Kors ($42k)

Actresses Susan Saint James ($32.9k) Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman (both $32.4k)

Thrill writer Stephen King ($32.4k)

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman ($32.4k)

Fashion designer Tory Burch ($32.4k)

Actress Melanie Griffith ($32.4k)

Author Toni Morrison ($23k)

“Lisa Simpson” voice actress Yeardley Smith ($16.2k)

They also raked in $10,000 from singer/actress Barbra Streisand, producer/writer/director Judd Apatow, and award-winning director James L. Brooks, among others.

And that’s just the DNC Services Corp.

For the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (the “D-Triple C”), James L. Brooks tops the list again, writing a check for $49,600, followed closely by fashion expert Tim Gunn and former NBA player Magic Johnson, contributing $33,900 and $32,400, respectively. The next tier includes the owner of the Baltimore Orioles Peter Angelos,  Actor Michael Douglas, and “West Wing” and “ER” producer John Wells, all giving $32,400.

Angelos also gave $300,000 to the liberal Senate Majority PAC (number 2 on the list) joined by Steven Spielburg who gave $100,000 to that group. Their sole mission pretty much was to spend $43.3 million slamming the GOP. So that’s what they think of you.

The list for the D-Triple C contains 37 “celebrity’ names. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 23 celebrities contributed, with the top honor going to writer/director/comedian Seth Macfarlane. He gave $42,400.

All in all, out of the top 5 groups receiving the most celebrity support, 4 were Democrat or liberal-oriented and totaled over $1.4 million dollars. The highest Republican group listed with more than one donor came in at number 6 and totaled just under $200,000.

Now for the people you might want to seek to support:

The top Republican PAC listed for 2014 was the Republican National Committee (RNC) to which 8 celebrities contributed. The WWE power couple Linda and Vince McMahon topped this list for number 1 and number 2, each giving $64,800. (They give a TON to PACs and individual candidates).

Also on the list: Cincinnati Reds Owner Robert Castellini, Author Dean Koontz, former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway and everyone’s favorite pundit and “Ferris Bueller” teacher Ben Stein (he only gave $715 but hey, it’s something!). Others listed elsewhere you might like include golfer Jack Nicklaus for a Florida GOP group and actress Marlo Thomas for Susan Collins’ candidacy.

Also on that list – one Mr. Donald Trump, “business magnate” and current presidential candidate. He gave the RNC a whopping $32,400. He also gave to numerous other Republican and conservative groups and individual candidates.

One final note: to show that business is blind to politics (snort), Microsoft’s Bill Gates consistently gave $15,000 to all of these PACs. So, I guess you can keep using Windows?

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