Will Somebody Please Find The Democrats a Decent Candidate?

For crying out loud, this is getting ridiculous.

No doubt, this has so far been a “different” presidential primary season for the Republicans, but for the Democrats, let’s just say that it has so far been rather underwhelming. It was bad enough when Bernie Sanders became a serious challenger for the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton, but when the Democrats started considering Joe Biden, John Kerry, and most recently, Al Gore to be acceptable alternatives, it is becoming clear that, although John Kerry might look like a horse, the Democrat stable is filled with donkeys.

The Democrats have mocked the GOP lineup by calling it a “clown car” considering everybody and their mother is running, but the difference is many of them would be acceptable choices. If the Democrats are left with recycling candidates from previous elections, their lineup will amount to a casting call for “The Biggest Loser”.

Republicans should not get too happy about the poor showing by the Democrats, however, because this could turn into a real problem.

One of the reasons the Democrats have so few choices is that the most electable Democrats are running as Republicans. Rumor has it that Chris Christie is close to leaving the race, and Lindsey Graham… well, nobody really knows why Graham is even running. However, Jeb Bush has enough money to make it through at least the first round of primaries and is currently the Democrat frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

If the Democrats have not found an electable candidate that is not facing felony charges by the time the GOP primaries get underway, it is entirely possible that Jeb Bush could win on Democrat crossover votes alone, at least in states with open primaries. Of course, if that happens he would easily win the general election in November.

This scenario is not only possible, it is becoming more probable by the day. Bush has already gotten an endorsement from Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) who said that Bush was their best chance at passing amnesty, and a recent story in Bloomberg Politics reported that Bush had attended a fundraiser in the Hamptons where he courted Democrat donors. Now we know what Bush meant when he said he could win the election without Conservatives.

Face it, Democrats have a real problem. For months now, they have put all of their eggs into Hillary’s basket, and the closer Joe Biden gets to throwing his hat in the ring, the closer Hillary gets to a federal indictment. If she gets the nomination nothing guarantees she will be able to remain in the race until November, or that she will last out her term of office. Given their other choices, Jeb Bush might well be the next best thing.

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