You Won’t Believe the Changes Obama Made to the Citizenship Oath

The new definition of “fundamental” is RADICAL, at least when it is applied to Obama-speak.

The man who said he would fundamentally change America has lived up to that one campaign promise.

In recognizing America’s LEGAL immigration system, Obama has decided to Islamize it.

According to Human Events:

On July 21, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced some “modifications” to the Oath of Allegiance which immigrants must take before becoming naturalized.

The original oath required incoming citizens to declare that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” and “perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States” when required by the law.

Now the USCIS says that “A candidate [to U.S. citizenship] may be eligible to exclude these two clauses based on religious training and belief or a conscientious objection.”

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The new changes further add that new candidates “May be eligible for [additional?] modifications based on religious training and belief, or conscientious objection arising from a deeply held moral or ethical code.”

These changes serve incoming Islamic supremacists especially well. While Islamic law allows Muslims to feign loyalty to non-Muslim “infidel” authorities, it bans Muslims from living up to the pretense by actually fighting or killing fellow Muslims on behalf of a non-Muslim entity, such as the United States.

Why should anybody wanting to live in the best country in the history of many, created by the best people, have to swear an oath to protect their new country?

The fact is many of the Muslims Obama allows into the country hate us, and have no allegiance to us. But such is the new America, and the Left’s definition of tolerance. Americans must tolerate people who will benefit from our graciousness, yet who have vowed ultimately to make us submit to their will.


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