You Won’t Believe What’s Next for Cecil the Lion

It was bad enough that the Left reacted with utter outrage at the killing of Cecil, yet don’t seem to care about the dismemberment and selling of baby parts.

But now they have a fluffy tribute for the deceased cat. Cecil the Lion is now a Beanie Baby…and a TRADEMARK!

Ty Warner, Founder and Chairman of Ty Inc, has created Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby in memory of the beloved lion tragically killed July 2, 2015.

Ty has pledged 100% of profits from the original sale to WildCRU, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of University of Oxford in  Oxford, England.

“Hopefully, this special Beanie Baby will raise awareness for animal conservation and give comfort to all saddened by the loss of Cecil,” said Ty Warner.

Of course this move is to raise awareness of the plight of the lion! Warner couldn’t possibly want to profiteer from the massive amount of news coverage, piggybacking on free media?
I’m not mad at him, he should just say that. Instead, he plays the Liberal game of acting like he cares. Has this man done anything for the plight of the furry animals he creates and from which he profits daily? I doubt it.
At least Cecil will live in the hearts and minds of kids forever. Speaking of hearts and minds, I wonder if they will make fetus Beanie Babies, with velcro body parts that kids can trade like playing cards?
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