You won’t believe what’s now called RACIST!

It had to happen. Someone picked up on Band-Aids being racist. Who knew that Band-Aids are the new symbol of white privilege; a way for white folks to brand their symbol on the skin of a person of color.

In Sweden, a feminist and anti-racist blogger attacked a pharmacy chain about the lack of colored Band-Aids, arguing that it’s an example of white privilege.

So what the Band-Aid was made to protect cuts from infection and spreading bacteria, it’s time the Band-Aid took on it social responsibility.

Band-Aids are NOT to be seen. They should be quiet warriors! The current Band-Aid when applied to non-white skin yells,

“I’m better than your [insert non-white ethnicity here]-butt bacteria!”

The idea of colored Band-Aids is not without precedent. Fifteen years ago an entrepreneur named Michael Panayiotis created Ebon-Aid to market to people of color. Out of one million boxes manufactured, he sold 20,000. Two years later and out $2 million, the company went bankrupt. Not to worry, the tax-payers and government picked up the tab on this social experiment.

Apparently the name and shame tactic of this Swedish Leftist worked. The pharmacy company expressed its horror at the fact that they didn’t have any colored Band-Aids to sell. Why? Well because that Ebon-Aid is no more, stupid. Read the previous paragraph for comprehension.

We shouldn’t limit this scrutiny to Band-Aids. Let’s reform the entire medical industry. Let’s force companies to make available latex gloves, gauze, sutures, masks and all medical protective clothing that conform to the skin tone of those who choose to buy them. Now that’s something one would certainly expect from ObamaCare.



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