You Won’t Believe How Hollywood Sets the Narrative!

Have you ever wondered why liberals seem to be able to look at the facts of something, yet still be against it? Narratives.

MSNBC and CNN, as well as your local news set narratives all the time. You also see this in memes from places like Occupy Democrats. Basically, you’re told what to think. And a lot of people just sit back and accept it.

Remember the Karate Kid? (Not the Jackie Chan one) We all know the story. Poor Daniel Laruso moves to a new area, and while trying to make friends, some bullies beat the crap out of him. He learns karate from the handyman.

In this narration we see it from a different point of view. This punk moves to the neighborhood and causes all sorts of problems… Watch the video and see for yourself. See if in the end you aren’t rooting for Cobra Kai.

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