Anthony Weiner’s Wife Huma Abedin Joins Twitter To Hype “Islamophobia”

Huma Abedin joined Twitter today to call out Ben Carson for his recent comments regarding a hypothetical Muslim presidential candidate.  While mostly known for being married to serial-sexter and disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, she has also earned notoriety for her familial links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.  That she was able to secure the position of Chief of Staff for a sitting Secretary of State is a testament to how far up the food chain “political correctness” and willful blindness have climbed.

Her first tweet pushes The Narrative of Ben Carson as an “Islamophobe”, as if concerns about the overlap between Muslims and Islamic terrorism are unjustified.  Apparently such concerns are unwarranted with respect to a hypothetical future Muslim resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  This dovetails with the recently manufactured controversy over “anti-Muslim” comments from a man at a Donald Trump rally.  The usual suspects are pushing The Narrative of Republicans as unjustifiably bigoted and prejudicial against Muslims.  Further, Muslims enjoy victimhood status in the eyes of left-wingers as aggrieved minorities and the True Victims of 9/11.  Conveniently, another artificial controversy arose last week when the 14-year-old son of an Islamic political agitator known for chasing phantoms of “Islamophobia” was invited to the White House.

Naturally, Abedin remains a loyal Clinton operative and proudly broadcasts #HillaryForAmerica on her Twitter profile.

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