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Cops have a difficult job, and people can make that job exponentially more difficult and dangerous.

So when the guys from Nelk Filmz decided that it would be funny to act like coke dealers at the beach, they tested the patience of LAPD.

“Hey do you wanna buy some coke?”

That was the question the crew asked beachgoers. Then they would pull out one of the cans they had stashed in the back of their SUV.

Their activities got the attention of the LAPD, who showed up to investigate their suspicious activity. In order to keep the ruse going, the pranksters played along.

Two bicycle unit cops responded, and began questioning the driver and then the rest of the passengers in the vehicle, one of whom took his acting to Oscar-worthy levels. That occupant was in the back seat, and acted incredibly nervous.

Finally he blurts out,

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this…We have a bunch of coke in the back. I’m sorry.”

That’s when the cuffs come out and the police begin to arrest everyone. It’s also when the hidden cameras in this SUV capture one of the most epic cop pranks of all time.

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