Biden to Enter Race in Oct?

The speculation may be over soon, as it’s been leaked that Biden will enter the presidential race in mid October.

At least that’s what Mediaite is reporting:

Josh Alcorn, financial director of the Draft Biden Super PAC, was apparently riding in the train’s cafe car and carrying on a loud conversation on the phone. Two of the passengers recognized Alcorn and recounted the conversation toNational Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru.

Alcorn reportedly said “I am 100 percent that Joe is in” and that he guessed he would probably announce in mid-October. In another call, Alcorn said that the Super PAC was already testing ads that were very effective in getting Hillary Clinton supporters to change their allegiance, and that the Biden campaign expected to lose in Iowa and New Hampshire.


We posted Hillary Clinton’s desperate plea for ONE DOLLAR from her base, so it’s highly likely this information is true. If Hillary were fortunate enough to get $1 from each of her supporters, she might raise $50,000. Hardly the war chest the Left bragged about only a few short months ago.


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