Bill Clinton Trying to Stay Out of Prison

Bill Clinton knows when it’s time to handle his own PR. Sure he wants to protect Hillary {wink}; but mostly Bill wants to protect Bill.

Will Bill Clinton become the Lance Armstrong of politics?

Most astute Americans know that Bill and Hillary Clinton were using the State Department and their power to shake down corporations and companies. Many on the Left actually like the idea that these two scoundrels were doing this, as the Clintons were Robin Hoods, punishing the evil corporations, and governments no bowing to the will of the Left. But somewhere it went too far.


Perhaps it was when the Left found out that the Clintons were cozying up to misogynists like the Saudis; essentially condoning the denigration of women. And there are many other examples, where the Clintons profited by merely feigning help to the poor or downtrodden, like Haiti, where the Clintons pocketed much more money than went into helping the poor Haitians.

So it’s no surprise that Bill Clinton is coming to the aid of yet another flailing “Hillary for President” campaign. Who else is going to pardon him?

In the interview aired on “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Clinton contends that there are:

“lots of people who wanted there to be a race for different reasons.”

The only way to make that happen, he said, was to launch “a full-scale frontal assault on her, and so this email thing became the biggest story in the world.”

He said he has faith that the American people will understand the issue for what it is and everything will be “all right.”

Bill Clinton can assure the American people as much as he likes, but we know a real scandal, when we see one. And it’s not the classified information part that concerns him. It’s the Clinton Foundation shenanigans.

It has already been revealed that Hillary discussed classified information, the same crime that got Petraeus in big trouble. We learned of more lies told by Hillary, and of course after all the scrubbing, the FBI uncovered even more lies. In short, the Clintons couldn’t clean all this information, because there is far too much of it.

Bill Clinton said publicly that he’s only sent two emails in his life. What will happen when we find out that was a lie? It only takes ONE of those emails to prove extortion by way of the Clinton Foundation. Forget Lewinsky, as I predict there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of Lewinskyesque scandals in those emails.

Bill Clinton can try to appear cool and calm, but behind the scenes he and everybody else associated with the Clintons are in panic mode, Defcon 1. The Clintons pushed their pursuit of power a bit too far, as they felt invincible. If Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are any indication, they are far from invincibility.

In what is sure to only worsen, the negative headlines are giving the former secretary of state’s presidential ambitions some trouble. While she remains the frontrunner in nearly all polls that have been taken, many Americans saying in those polls that they don’t believe she is honest and trustworthy. Because of this, her favorability ratings have taken a hit.

Bill Clinton maintains in the interview that the email scandal shows that “we’re seeing history repeat itself,” referring to Whitewater scandal of the ’90s. Bill Clinton says that the public and media has shifted from issues to politics by “people who want a race.”

The people who want a race are the very people who wanted a race back in 2008. And it’s not the vast right-wing conspiracy; it’s people who want to see the Clintons gone.

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