Billionaire Offers to Buy Refugees An Island: Can Liberals Go?

If this guy is serious about buying an island for refugees, can America send its Liberals? PLEASE!

I’d love to send disgruntled Blacks, like the #BLM folks, and all the whining Leftists who want to “fundamentally change” America. How about a fresh start?

As reported in Good News Network:

While Europeans are offering up houses to refugees, an Egyptian billionaire wants to buy an island where tens of thousands of refugees can live and work.

Naguib Sawiris is offering to buy an uninhabited island from either Italy or Greece large enough to sustain up to 200,000 people.

“All I need is the permission,” Sawiris told CNN. “I’ll pay for the island, I’ll provide the jobs.”

Well maybe America’s Liberals will have somebody willing to work, though from what I’ve seen, far too many of these “refugees” have no intention of working.

The article goes on:

The CEO promises to pay refugees to build their own houses and schools, along with a hospital and university.

He heads Orascom, a diverse company spanning transportation, construction, and communications, which is Egypt’s largest private sector employer.

Whatever. Sawiris better find some “old school” Mexicans to get that place going, because if he allows American Liberals, that place will look like a Third World nation in about 5 years.

And you can bet their government will be a theocracy run by militant Muslims, and everybody will look for a new home.

Here’s an idea, Sawiris. How about you arm the people in their OWN countries, so they can fight the Muslims forcing them out? Just saying.

(READ more at the Jerusalem Post) — Photo: World Economic Forum, CC


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