Black Liberals Call Dr. Ben Carson a “Clown”

Ahh, the age old question that begs an answer: how can Black Liberals be so stupid?

Meet Drew, a man and not a Black Liberal. Admittedly, he says he didn’t have the poverty experience when growing up. He still rightfully claims that he is indeed a Black man. And as such, he’s seen the bad things happening in the Black community: bad or absentee parenting, drugs, violence, disease, unwed pregnancies, and so on, objectively.

Dr. Ben Carson is from that community. He became a pediatric neurosurgeon despite being born into poverty. And as they have done with Justice Clarence Thomas, the Black and Liberal community ridicule him.


Touche for Drew pointing out the obvious. Black people who will riot for Michael Brown or Freddy Gray, dare call Dr. Ben Carson a clown?!


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