Black Thugs: Finishing What Planned Parenthood Couldn’t

Not so many moons ago, there was the advent of the silent (moral) majority made up of the evangelical voter base. A voter base that had at its core, Christian principles and the belief that our nation was indeed founded on those same principles.

Fast forward a scant few decades later, and we have the genocidal “planned parenthood” group mainstreamed by liberal elites. Planned parenthood carries out the abortion or execution of babies, most of whom are black and minority. The racial component of the group cannot be dismissed based on the beliefs of its founder, Margaret Sanger, an avowed eugenicist dedicated to the degradation of what she deemed the “inferior” black race.

And Margaret Sanger has succeeded. She has created a race of young black female thugs, willing to do Sanger’s dirty work. These young black women kill indiscriminately and in greater numbers per capita than their white counterparts, just like that racist Margaret Sanger predicted. Self-destruction. They are no better than the street thugs who pick up where these young women leave off.

Look at almost any of America’s cities, and we have the rampant and many times indiscriminate killing of black adults by other black criminals. Black-on-black crime has been largely dismissed because of the phenomenon dubbed #blacklivesmatter. This movement doesn’t want to discuss what black people do to each other in alarming numbers, every day. Not when there is a finger to point elsewhere.

A cop can shoot a bona fide criminal, and this group is out to protest. Yet, when a black thug kills a 9-years-old girl, this group is nowhere to be found. There is no money in that.

This group gladly sells out to a rich white man, going where he directs them, then has the nerve to refer to those who would go against them, as sellouts. I think we know who the sellouts are.

Where are the multitude of blacks on this silly notion? Polls say that 64 percent of blacks don’t believe the nonsense of this movement. Where are the so-called black clergy on this?

We have heard for years the black community is by and large a faith based and religious people. Not to go all biblical on you, but isn’t one of the Ten Commandments, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”?

Whether it’s police or babies in the womb, murder is murder. Yet, we as Christians, black or white, believe we can hate the sin yet love the sinner. After all, sinners are the Christians best customers.

I would expect the “so-called” reverends Sharpton, Jackson, Wright and even Pflegler to be silent on these issues or even to incite insurrection. Some inspired journalist should investigate the background of these churches that would credential those that would instigate hate rather than the teachings of Christ. “Minister’ Farrakhan at least has the excuse that he is not a Christian.

It is past time the black church stand up and weigh in on these issues. Black pastors have the obligation to speak to the racial state of our nation, condemn violence, and promote racial healing. After all, Christ is no respecter of persons and the question is begged whether a skin color or even a political party is more important than God or His principles.

The black people who would allow these narratives to perpetuate, who would remain silent in the face of black genocide on two levels, are the real black thugs.

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