#BlackLivesMatter Has Had It: They’re Going Home

By Dave Weinbaum

A select group of Americans has decided they’ve had enough. Tired of toying with the idea of finding Utopia, there are some among us who are delusional enough to believe there is something better than America.

America is replete with celebrities like Kanye West Kardashian, Rosie O’Donnell, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Director Robert Altman and Michael Douglas, who have threatened leave the country if Bush or [insert Republican here] won. Yet, they are all still here, their nannies taking their kids to the brown grass soccer fields of this imperialist country.

The latest crop of misfits who have threatened to make America great by leaving are the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

They lament the cruel conditions of black Liberals getting free food, housing, education, medical, cell phones, cable TV, and video games, and long for life in the Motherland. They formed a new organization called #MoveBackHome.

And what will these expatriates find when they arrive in the New Old World, aka the Dark Continent?

Rampant disease, poverty they have never seen, food shortages, questionable sewage treatment, little in the way of infrastructure, or what Liberal like to famously call, “roads and bridges.” There will be no Walmart, neighborhood hair salons, free cable or wifi, and they will really enjoy the frequent brownouts and blackouts that plaque most of Africa.

Think the despots in Africa will tolerate the attitudes and behaviors that their new citizens will bring? Let’s just say the criminal justice system in most of Africa leaves a bit to be desired, and it’s not considered racist to just kill those who doth protest too much.

Not that blacks in America are all that religious, but I suspect many will find themselves converting to Islam, particularly now that Obama has engendered and encouraged ISIS and Boko Haram to put the fear of Allah in everything that moves. Welcome back to slavery might be Africa’s new motto for these former “African-Americans,” turn American-Africans. They will soon find out how many #BlackLivesMatter to these Muslim fanatics.

If they tire of the treatment in Africa, the American-Africans can join in the second wave of the mass migration to Europe, where they can find their new home. Unfortunately, with Europe locking its gates to the Muslim hordes, they American-African might end up just where they started…black in America.


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