When Careers Decline It’s Sex Tape Time

You can almost always tell when a celebrity is desperate for attention or a “career builder.”

It’s not bad enough that the Paparazzi follow celebrities around to obtain that perfect “shot,” but the celebrities themselves seem to depend on it. So much so, they have made a cottage industry of the “sex tape.”

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian pioneered the celebrity sex tape, and many others have followed. Instead of the embarrassment these would cause normal people, celebrities fight the tapes in court, in hopes of reviving their careers.


Our latest tape involves, Jenny from around the way, yes J-Lo. According to the Mirror,

Jennifer Lopez may be caught in a sex tape scandal as footage she has battled in court to keep private could be released to the public.

The singer’s intimate videos – recording by first husband Ojani Noa – have been the subject of a complicated legal battle for six years, but now her ex-hubby’s business partner is planning to unveil the film telling the tale of their doomed marriage.

According to In Touch magazine, the master tape of all the footage is in a central depository per court order, but Ed Meyer believes they have a legal loophole after J-Lo withdrew her claims while the case was in arbitration.

Excellent. America can be treated to a 40-something having sex on her what…third honeymoon?



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