Clinton Describes Herself In Three Words: “I Am A Real Person!”

Hillary Clinton sat with CBS’s John Dickerson this past Sunday and had a string of great moments. Apparently her acting coaches haven’t told her to cease the fake laughing lest their profiles end up on a milk carton for anyone daring to challenge The Queen. When asked to describe herself in three words, she deployed her Fake Laugh™, and then shouted: “I am a real person!”

It was her first appearance on a Sunday morning news show since 2011.

Clinton’s poll numbers have been slipping relative to her primary competitor, Bernie Sanders.  Her favorability rating is also dropping. A deliberate decision was made early in the campaign to avoid unscripted events, particularly with the press. The initial media blackout following the formal declaration of her presidential campaign was a response to the release of Clinton Cash. Peter Schweizer’s book scrutinized the tens of millions of dollars the Clinton Crime Syndicate has secured since the end of Bill Clinton’s presidential tenure. Even left-wing outfits like The Washington Post mocked Clinton’s avoidance of the press. The New York Times and CBS also noted Clinton being AWOL.

The campaign is now attempting to rebrand and reintroduce Clinton to Americans, telling the sympathetic media that she plans on being more “spontaneous.” The first steps in this reintroduction process were hard-hitting interviews with Ellen Degeneres and Mario Lopez. Clinton is desperately trying to present herself as an Average Everyday American.

Or are the poll numbers sliding because real, average, taxpaying Americans know a snow job when they see one?

Clinton expressing she isn’t a political insider.

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