Clinton: Obama Beat Me In 2008 Because He’s Black


Hillary Clinton sat down with journalists and reporters from the left-wing Des Moines Register on Wednesday for a nearly 90-minute video interview.  When asked about why she was defeated by then Senator Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, virtually the first thing that came to mind was his skin color.  After spending literally ten seconds talking platitudes of Obama’s “superb” campaign and charisma, she delves into the political advantages drawn from his race while heralding her own historicity drawn from her lack of a Y-chromosome – a political advantage she is desperately trying to leverage at every opportunity.  Add this to the ever-growing list of moments in which a prominent Person of the Left unwittingly reveals her hand and exposes the demented race-obsessed paradigms through which they examine politics.

The entire interview covered an array of subjects.  To the credit of the newspaper, there were some direct questions about Clinton’s criminal use of a personal email server with which she executed electronic correspondences in her official capacity as Secretary of State.  She also engaged in “environmentalist” demagoguery pertaining to “climate change”, referring to the oil sands in Alberta as “tar sands” and “dirty oil” in order to oppose the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.  Nevermind that there are already 185,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines within America.  She also admits that wages have been stagnant during President Obama’s presidential tenure.  Noteworthy was her rejection of the premise that Social Security’s impending insolvency warrants immediate adjustment to push back the age of eligibility, roll back payouts, and implement at least some degree of free market reform.

Bonus! Watch Clinton coddle an illegal alien begging for a continuation of President Obama’s illegal and destructive de facto amnesty granted to illegal aliens via executive orders:



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