If the Clinton’s are on the Same Ticket, Let’s Hope It’s to Sing-Sing

As if Hillary Clinton’s trust issues in the polls weren’t bad enough, she admitted in an interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez that she has considered her husband Bill as her Vice-President should she win the Democratic nomination.

Only a scoundrel like Hillary Clinton would want a disgraced scoundrel who embarrassed her family as well as the nation. Bill Clinton was so bad, that he was impeached by the House of Representatives in December 1998 for lying to a grand jury about having sexual relations with Monika Lewinsky and obstructing justice. The only reason he survived is because Congress contained enough equally scandalous Democrats to keep him in office.

As for Hillary Clinton’s overture, the Left Wing media, aka Democratic Party surrogates quickly spun it as a joke.

NBC ran an article titled: Clinton-Clinton 2016? Hillary Jokes ‘It Has Crossed My Mind’. A CNN article quoted Hillary as saying:

He would be good, but he’s not eligible, under the Constitution. He has served his two terms and I think the argument would be as vice president it would not be possible for him to ever succeed to the position — at least that’s what I’ve been told,’ she joked to Extra’s Mario Lopez, in an interview posted Monday. But she added, ‘It has crossed my mind.

Is that entirely truthful?

The idea was kicked around in 2000 when Al Gore ran for President. Gore was lagging in the polls against George W. Bush and needed a jumpstart. The idea of adding Bill Clinton to the ticket was suggested at the time by New York Times editorialist Thomas L. Friedman. He reportedly said it “jokingly” also.

CNN FindLaw Contributor Michael C. Dorf wrote in an August 2, 2000 CNN article that opponents of Bill Clinton being Gore’s VP were wrong:

“But these naysayers would be wrong. The Constitution permits Clinton to be elected vice-president, and if necessary to ascend for a third time to the presidency as careful attention to the language of the 12th and 22nd Amendments shows.

The 12th Amendment would allow a Clinton vice-presidency. Its language only bars from the vice-presidency those persons who are “ineligible to the office” of President. Clinton is not ineligible to the office of president, however. He is only disqualified (by the 22nd Amendment) from being elected to that office.”

Hillary was a US Senator for 8 years, but don’t expect her to know the Constitution; after all, she is a Democrat. But she would know that her idea was not original.

For Hillary Clinton, any news outside of her emails is good news, even if it’s retread strategies from 2000.

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