Clintons Trying New Strategy

The Clintons have a new strategy. Compare Hillary Clinton’s problems to White Water, a crooked land deal where the Clintons were cleared of wrongdoing.

Despite all the evidence piling up against them, the Clintons continue to sell the lie as truth.

The Clintons are perplexed that they can’t make this story go away. They have been able to do it in the past. And in the only instance where they were finally backed into a corner, we were told “it’s Bill’s personal life.”

This self-inflicted, non-right-wing conspiracy email drama is one of Hillary Clinton’s creation. There is no boogeyman, which is why the Clintons must adjust their strategy.

As reported in USA Today:

Asked about her written statement under oath that she had turned over all of her work-related State Department emails, only to have some turn up that were sent to then-commander of the U.S. Central Command David Petraeus, Clinton insisted that a “very thorough review process”  had been conducted by her lawyers.

She was also asked about comments her husband made during a Saturday interview on CNN in which the 42nd president blamed the media and Republicans for the intense focus on his wife’s use of a private email account while at the State Department.

“He does get upset when I get attacked,” Clinton told NBC News’ Chuck Todd.

Attacked? Try, QUESTIONED! Being questioned is not an attack. But what’s most interesting here is that the Clintons want to appear to be the happily married DC couple. They want America to be understanding about Bill coming to Hillary’s aid. The fact is, Bill is just as complicit in this, and just as likely to end up in jail as Hillary.

Husband-protecting-wife card played, Hillary goes on to “take responsibility,” which is what she claims to have done the entire time:

But she’s not blaming everything on the opposing party. “Of course, I take responsibility. It was my choice.”

This is merely a reminder of the old strategy, and remnants of trying to look presidential, as the sink-hole that is her life and career begins to swallow her and those close to her up.

Finally, Hillary reminds us of exactly what Bill (and I’m sure Clinton strategists) would like to suggest, and this is  just old news, just like White Water. As the article continues:

Still, the scrutiny is nothing new, she said, noting that during the 1990s she “was subjected to the same kind of barrage.”

This barrage is not that barrage. And like the substance on the blue dress, the Clintons know this latest barrage will stick.



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