Comedian Cruz Cracks Jokes

Ted Cruz is a man to be reckoned with. He is often accused of being “too tight.” Many say that Cruz needs to remember that he’s not speaking before the Senate, and speaking to the PEOPLE.

While addressing the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. today, Ted Cruz lightened the mood with some humor at the expense of Democrats.   Comedic fodder included President Barack Hussein Obama’s addiction to teleprompters, his carefully crafted demigod status via his cult of personality, Hillary Clinton’s criminal use a private email server in her official capacity as Secretary of State, and the non-existent competition for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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The conservative crowd also celebrated the resignation of John Boehner from the speakership, erupting in applause initially with Marco Rubio’s announcement and again with Cruz’s repetition of the fact.

Cruz went through a laundry list of red meat for conservatives.  If elected POTUS, he promised to:

  1. Rescind President Obama’s lawless executive orders affording de facto amnesty to illegal aliens;
  2. Direct the Department of Justice to investigate criminal activity exposed at Planned Parenthood by the undercover investigations of the Center For Medical Progress;
  3. Relocate the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem;
  4. Defend religious liberty, citing Kim Davis
  5. Simplify the tax code and abolish the IRS;
  6. Defeat America’s enemies and care for veterans.

Watch the entire speech here:


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