Cruz Rebuffed by Huckabee Campaign

Apparently Mike Huckabee has been so desperate for the media to notice him, that he was unwilling to let a fellow Republican share the stage with him at the rally for jailed county clerk Kim Davis.

Cruz was on hand when Davis was released from jail, but when he attempted to walk toward reporters who were beckoning him over, a Huckabee campaign staffer physically blocked him. Cruz looked incredulous at the rudeness of the staffer and eventually walked around him.

Neither campaign has officially explained exactly what happened, but Huckabee staffers privately complained that Cruz had “crashed” the event sponsored by Huckabee and that he was trying to steal the show.

“We planned, paid for, and promoted the event and Sen. Cruz showed up the day of and tried to take it over. It would have been the equivalent to us showing up at their religious liberty event in Iowa a couple weeks ago, claiming it was our event, and expecting to give the keynote speaking role,” a Huckabee aide told Politico. “First time any of us have ever seen a presidential candidate crash another candidate’s event without so much as reaching out to get permission to attend. Bizarre.”

Really Governor? Is that the kind of person Huckeabee is and the kind of campaign he’s running?

If the event was really about supporting Davis and not just promoting Huckabee’s presidential campaign, Huckabee would have welcomed Cruz on stage and been happy to have him at the event. Apparently, however, the star of the show was the former governor, therefore Kim Davis was just there as a prop.

Cruz has been a strong supporter of religious freedom and has spoken in support of Davis. Having received an invitation to the event from Huckabee, it was only natural that he would accept. Rearranging campaign schedules can take time when the candidate is in demand, but it would seem that the anonymous Huckabee staffer has yet to experience that.

“The program, of course, was already settled,” Huckabee told Fox News.

Really Governor? Are Huckabee’s campaign events so scripted and his staffers so inexperienced that they can’t handle a last minute change to the program? I guess Aaron Rents charges extra if they return their microphones a few minutes late?

Compare this Huckabee action to Sen. Cruz’s handling of his Stop Iran Deal rally in Washington. It was obvious Cruz was there to rally opposition to the Iran deal rather than promote himself, having not only invited a number of other speakers, including GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, but actually letting them take the stage and speak to the crowd.

What is the difference between the two men? One is desperately trying to get noticed and is afraid to share even a little of the press coverage he is able to get, while the other is confident in his ability and gracious in his dealings with his rivals.

One of these two men would make an excellent president.

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