Difference between Liberals and Conservatives in Social Media

When I see studies that showcase the difference between Liberals and Conservatives, I almost always read them.

I don’t need a study to tell me the difference, as I know one difference, for example, between Liberals and Conservatives, is Liberals are brain-dead zombies and Conservatives are logical thinkers. Further I know that Liberals have no moral core, and Conservatives are beautifully flawed people who hold themselves accountable.

I could go on with more comparisons, like Liberals are like a congress of baboons. {my apologies to baboons}

Anyway, there was research done between Liberals and Conservatives on Twitter, and it showcased even more differences. As NBC News reports,

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London dissected the vocabulary used in tweets sent between June 15 and 30, 2014, by thousands of followers of either U.S. Republican (conservatives) or Democratic (liberals) party Twitter accounts. They found that the use of some words and phrases can be dead giveaways about a person’s political leanings.

Liberals were far more likely to swear, with two particular four-letter curse words in their top 10 most used words (after the most commonly used English words were removed). They also tended to use language associated with anxiety and feelings such as “lol,” “like” and variants of “happy” and “amazing.”

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Conservatives were more likely to discuss religion (‘God’ and ‘psalm’ being popular words), national identity (America, border) and their opponents (Obama, Obamacare, Reid, Pelosi).

No surprise that the party who booed God at their convention would make little mention of God in their tweets. For Liberals (and Democrats), God is only used to disparage Conservatives or to invoke some fictitious moral high ground, when trying to get their way. A good example is the situation with refugees, as Liberals exclaim, “What would Jesus do?!”

Answer: He would find out who creating all those refugees, and smite them!

Is it any surprise that Liberals use language associated with anxiety as the survey said. They are nervous wrecks, because they have no moral core. Imagine being in a den of snakes all day, every day, and you understand liberalism. Liberals use of “happy” and “amazing” I would guess is in their referring to Conservatives, because Liberals are no happy people. They are in a constant struggle against “self.” That’s why they curse so much, as the Twitter survey showed.

Conservatives showed well on Twitter. Discussions of God, country, and opposition to Obama and other Leftist devils, as well as ObamaCare showed consistency.

Take what you want from this survey, but for me there are no surprises.

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