EVoice: Holding Politicians Accountable

Politicians are not truthful. This is so true that legislation was passed to protect them from lying. So the only way to hold them accountable is to vote them out.

But what about when we are voting them in?

There are 18+ Republican candidates who want to be president. We need to find the RIGHT one! No more promises with no chance of delivering.

McConnellThe Republican establishment is perplexed. Currently two candidates account for 51 percent of the vote, and neither of them is a politician. Other non-politicians are gaining, as are the non-establishment Republicans. I’d say the people are speaking!


EVoiceAmerica.com is a new website built to do just that—provide power to the people. EvoiceAmerica.com allows YOUR opinion to be heard.

The average voter has long complained that their elected representatives promise to listen to them, and uphold their views–the views that got them elected. However, once inside the bubble of DC, the politicians seem to always succumb.

They publicly oppose legislation that they privately allow to pass. Look at ObamaCare, the recent TPPA deal, and finally the Iranian nuclear deal. This is why voters are distrustful of Washington and the professional politicians that reside there, getting rich off of selling access and power. The views of the little guy just get drowned out.


EVoiceAmerica.com wants to change all that. With EVoice, you can make sure your voice is heard. And more than-than, you can make sure your opinion counts! You can band together with other like-minded conservatives—there is power in numbers! But what EVoice wants to do is to hold politicians accountable!

In addition to ensuring your representative acts in your interests, EVoice educates people on the issues.  Further, you can contribute your opinion on any concern to the general discussion by adding resources. And you can see how your politician has voted in the past on bills that matter to you and your family.

Perhaps the best thing of all with EVoice is that you can TAKE ACTION!

If you have passion for an issue, you can join thousands of others, and push a button and send your opinion to your Congressman right then and there!

Think of the power you have, as you join hundreds, even thousands of patriotic Americans to influence legislation immediately.

So check out EVoiceAmerica.com. Play around with the website; learn what it has to offer. Then tell your friends! Band together and make your voice heard once and for all with EVoiceAmerica.com.


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