Liberalism: Football Players Attack Referee (Video)

Why should we be surprised that a couple of high school football athletes decided to take their frustrations out on the referee who penalized them?

According to sources, a referee ejected two players from John Jay football team on two separate plays. The two decided to retaliate, pummeling the referee with a vicious hit.

Watch here, as the the referee is hit, his head snapping back as he is leveled from behind. The other player then dove on top of him. A play that would make Valerie Jarrett (and other Liberals) proud.


Northside Independent School District athletic director Stan Laing told KENS5-TV that the players had been suspended because of the incident Friday, which he called “disturbing” and “inexcusable.”

Whatever. Schools teach this nonsense. Kids can’t get suspended for bad behavior, and athletes get coddled the most. This is symptomatic of the “new” culture that Liberals have established. You can bet you will hear more from these two later in life.


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