France Taking a Stance on Muslim Refugees

The refugees are coming, and France is wary of them. Some French (the smart ones) don’t want them at all.

While the video narrator claims the reason is that France is ‘mired’ in racism, a better explanation would be that after dealing with Muslims for a while. It isn’t France who has been uninviting, it’s the Muslim who have been despicable guests.

To the Leftists who are reporting on France’s tough stance on Muslim refugees, the reporter makes it a point to tie them to the Nazis.


Some of the leaders said they’d take gladly take Christians, as long they knew for sure that they weren’t involved in terrorism, i.e. Muslims lying about being Christian.
Some of areas of France don’t want any immigrants at all, especially since they’re worried about immigrants that will “cut off their boss’s head.” The Muslims have worn out their welcome…about a decade ago.

After years of being known only as wimps that make good desserts and taking out their self-loathing on American tourists, maybe the French are finally pulling out of their liberal moronic ideas.

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