What Geraldo Just Said About Dr. Ben Carson Would Have Libs FUMING If It Were Obama

Geraldo can really showcase his Leftism, ergo his racism at times.

He did so recently in a discussion he had on The Five.

During the discussion, the group debated the qualities that Carson brings to the Republican primary. Guest co-host Geraldo Rivera chimed in with his argument for why Dr. Ben Carson was surging in the polls:

“I’m reminded of David Dinkins, the first black mayor of New York City who, when people were polled, was killing Rudy Giuliani in their second matchup. And then, when Election Day came, it came, obviously, Giuliani beat Dinkins.

I think a lot of Republicans polled by Monmouth are giving the politically correct answer.”

So these Republicans are just now realizing that Ben Carson is black? I can imagine the shock of some Republicans, as they revealed their epiphany:

“Wow, at first I was a Trump fan. But when I found out the Dr. Ben Carson is black, I had to change my mind. The election of a (full) black president would be HISTORIC!…Count me in for Ben!”

Democratic ex-New York City Mayor Dinkins claimed racism caused him to lose his election to Republican Guiliani in 2003, Rivera reminded the panel.

Rivera continued:

“I hate to say it but Dr. Ben Carson… I think it’s all about being the black neurosurgeon, brilliant guy…”

It’s Liberals like Geraldo who look at things like color. Personally, Dr. Ben Carson would be a great candidate regardless of his color. Perhaps Geraldo has leaked a real fear for the Left: A black candidate who is actually truly competent?

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