We Got the Latest Numbers on Acceptable Terrorists to the United States

Let just call these refugees what they really are. Why sugarcoat it?

The Left want to prove just how humanitarian America is, well what better way to prove that than to bring in the very people who want to kill us?!

Look at our track record. America has been in the business of importing terrorists for a few decades, and they haven’t disrupted things that much. We’ve been able to assimilate them, make them more “American.”

And there is the irony. The Left doesn’t really want more Americans. The Left are more interested in America becoming more like the terrorists, and the best way to do that is to add to the numbers!


So we have the breaking news on the numbers. According to Secretary of State John Kerry, one of America’s chief terrorists, the U.S. will increase the total number of refugees it will admit each year.

The current total is 70,000. Kerry said that won’t be enough to cut off the heads of enough Americans in a decade or so, as the Muslims need more breeders. Thus he (I guess unilaterally) approved an increase to 85,000 next fiscal year and 100,000 the following year.

That’s 255,000 for those of you doing the math. And in three years, 100,000 of them will have children who will undoubtedly be raised among the infidels, and will be jihadists within two decades.

Adding insult to future injury, the Left will distribute these solid citizens will be deployed in purple states, in order to make them blue. Phase II will be to deploy the terrorists in red states, to make them purple.

Phase III is TBD.


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