Government will give it to you for FREE

About 15 years ago during a trip to Hawaii, my friend and his wife thought they’d take advantage of an offer of a ‘free’ breakfast. The only catch was they’d have to stay for a 30 minute presentation for a time-share, which they conditionally purchased.

Upon returning and lamenting his decision to go to breakfast, my friend lamented,

“I can’t afford too much more of this ‘free’ stuff”.”

Most consumers have learned the hard way that the words absolutely free mean absolutely nothing.

Astoundingly, many Americans have fallen prey to the false advertising of liberalism. As in the retail world, there is a price to pay for “free” in the political world.

Take welfare. The Democrats sell it as free. However, decades later blacks are paying the price in diminished work ethic, a mentality of dependence, and the emasculation of men. This led to the breakdown of the family structure, since welfare can be easier to get than a good man, certainly a good father.

The sixties brought the free sex era to America. Now Liberals degrade women, objectifying them. This had led to mothers willing to drive their children into a lake for the sake of their man. And there are many such cases.

According to the Pew Research Center, the share of adults who are married has been steadily declining for decades. In 2013, just half of Americans were married, down from 57% in 2000. In 1960, 72% of U.S. adults were married.

According to the Hoover Institution: From 1950 to 1997, the proportion of births to unmarried white women (non-Hispanic) increased almost twelvefold, from 2 percent to 22 percent. The percentage for blacks increased fourfold, from 18 percent to a striking 69 percent. Current estimates are at 72 percent for blacks.

As you can see, it is the minority communities that are impacted the most, yet they continue to support this idiocy.

Free gets worse when you look at the economy.

Just a few years ago, the entire United States economy was almost destroyed under the illusion of ‘free’ mortgages. After all everyone deserves a free house, whether payments can be sustained or not. Millions of Americans lost trillions of dollars in equity which has never been fully recovered. It likely won’t.

And how’s that free healthcare working? If it’s like some of my friends, that’s the most expensive free healthcare they’ve paid. Yet, free healthcare was the shiny jewel of liberalism. ObamaCare has done nothing for healthcare, but it’s done much to grow government. Higher premiums, higher deductibles all of which were the exact opposite of what was promised, with the benefit of fewer doctors, fewer plans, and not a single advance in healthcare, per se.

Here’s you price tag. $19 trillion in debt, half of which came under the current democrat, liberal and socialist administration. If the government doesn’t mind, I think I’d rather PAY for my stuff, and they can keep the free stuff.

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