GROSS! Artist Paints Portrait of Trump Using Her ‘Female Blood’

Billionaire mogul and Presidential hopeful Donald Trump may be getting hit with something below the belt…literally.

A Portland, OR artist has made headlines by selling a portrait of Trump made in her own menstrual blood. The artist, Sarah Levy, says she is making a statement about her outrage over Trump’s comments regarding Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly.

Hmm, a feminist claims she’s protecting Megyn Kelly?

Kelly was one of the moderators in the first GOP debate aired by Fox in August, and struck a negative chord with Trump, when she asked him about his treatment of women he didn’t like. Trump appeared on CNN’s Don Lemon’s show the following night and stated,

You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.

When pressed on the comment, Trump later tweeted he was referring to her “nose.” He then blasted the political correctness culture for misunderstanding his statement and referred to them as “fools.”

Trump came under immediate fire from conservatives and liberals alike. He was disinvited from the RedState gathering, a conservative event featuring GOP presidential hopefuls. He declined to apologize and weathered the storm. In fact, his lead in the polls increased.

As for Levy, she may be taking a page out of Trump’s ability to stir up controversy, as she revels in the attention and even has further plans, according to a Huffington Post article:

“She said she’s considering making more paintings, including one of the reality TV star’s hair.

‘I still have more blood so thinking of doing a few more portraits until I run out,’ Levy told HuffPost.

She said she wants to split the proceeds between an organization that helps immigrants in the U.S., and an another that would benefit refugees from Syria in Europe.”

We are to believe that Levy has done all of this for Megyn Kelly, right? Unknown Oregon artist and feminist (who else would paint with menstrual blood?) comes to the aid of a marquee anchor woman on the most watched news show on cable?

On behalf of Megyn Kelly, “Thanks for nothing, Levy!”



She has yet to sell the painting. Odds are some fool will buy it. Buyer beware; wear rubber gloves while handling this work of art. I wouldn’t want it hanging on my wall.


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