Hillary to Barack: Call Off Your F***ing Dogs

There is no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas, and it’s only getting uglier.

The rumor mill is that Obama has released the Kraken on Hillary Clinton.

While he has rallied around people like Susan Rice and Eric Holder, apparently Hillary turned in her race card when she defected Obama’s administration to carry on her personal extortion in the private sector via The Clinton Foundation.


According to the Daily Mail:

A new book claims Hillary Clinton swore at a stunned President Obama in a tense and dramatic Oval Office meeting recently about her email controversies, culminating in the former first lady telling him, “Call off your f***ing dogs, Barack.”

The book, obtained before its release Monday by The New York Post, also claims Obama told Clinton he “can’t and won’t interfere” with the various probes into her use of a private, home-based email server while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

The mounting controversies over Clinton’s emails have virtually consumed her presidential campaign this year, causing her to tumble in the polls, although she has rebounded in recent days.

Clinton keeps getting bad news around every corner, as we learned that the FBI has recovered her emails. It’s clear that somebody wants to keep the wind out of her sails, and Clinton seems to know who the culprit is.

The specter of Joe Biden entering the race is not good news for Hillary either, and even more evidence that the Obama (and other Left-wing operatives) are involved.

The new revelation about Hillary’s outburst is part of the new book, “Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary”, by author Edward Klein. Klein’s book does not seem to specify when the Oval Office meeting took place, but it’s obvious that it would have to be sometime recently, as we only learned of Clinton’s private email server back in March.

One had to know this meeting would take (or has taken) place, given the “cover your ass” mode the Clintons have been in, since America uncovered the deception.

One other item of interest that appears to back Klein’s assertion is that there has been lots of talk about Hillary Clinton being the person who floated the birther theory of Obama. Perhaps this is just little taste of the payback.

If America gets lucky, maybe the outcome of this clash of the Democrat titans will have both Clinton and Obama in jail. Surely the Clintons have their operatives earning their keep.