Hillary Clinton Being Abandoned

Hillary Clinton uses the gender card a lot, and has created the phony War on Women, just like she created the vast right-wing conspiracy accusing Bill Clinton of infidelity. We all know how that second one turned out.

Hillary Clinton’s only asset is the notion that she is a woman. She’s hoping women really want to see a first woman president, despite Clinton’s monumental incompetence. Given the stupidity of Liberal women, one would think this would be an easy gambit for Clinton.

Unfortunately for Clinton, women are abandoning her in droves. According to the latest polling, she has dropped 29 points from 71 percent to 42 percent.


I don’t need to tell you that 29 percent is a huge drop. The further bad news is there is not one single issue, ergo one thing to right the ship. The new campaign of “heart and humor” is being tried out, as Clinton makes the talk show rounds. The problem there is Clinton isn’t very likable, and there aren’t enough shows to keep her busy throughout the entire election cycle, or before she calls it quits.

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