Hillary Clinton Sick?

This is the first story regarding Hillary Clinton faking an injury. I have said all along that as things heat up on Hillary Clinton, she will pretend to be sick.

The irony is, at 68 years old, Hillary Clinton really doesn’t have to fake anything, as nothing will stop Hillary Clinton from pursuing what she believes she has earned, in some twisted Liberal logic way.

We will never see Hillary Clinton publicly without makeup, and she has had multiple makeovers in an attempt to disguise herself, both inside and out. But I suspect that we are dealing with an “FDResque” scenario, whereby publicly they put Hillary Clinton’s best foot forward, not realizing that she has two left feet.


You can read the Radar Online report here.

Drudge picked this up, and we tried initially to find additional stories, but couldn’t. That is until now.

There is another report by The National Enquirer claims that her campaign team are desperately trying to cover-up evidence that the presidential candidate is seriously ill. As thecelebrityauction.com reports:

In a bombshell exclusive, The National ENQUIRER reported the 67-year-old Democratic front-runner is suffering from the early stages of the debilitating disease MS. A political insider close to her and husband Bill told The ENQUIRER. “She’s been working with her staff to keep the medical drama under wraps, and she’s doing her best to deal with it.”

But other sources claimed Clinton has suffered three secret strokes, according to the report, and it seems to be taking a toll. Out on the campaign trail, another close source said, “behind the scenes she appears exhausted, dazed and confused at times.” Her most trusted aide, Huma Abedin, even sleeps in her hotel room to keep an eye on her “in case there’s a medical emergency,” the insider claimed.

I will tell you from personal experience that I have seem this type of weird behavior in a presidential candidate first-hand. It reminded me of the series The Boss, where Kelsey Grammar plays a big city mayor suffering from a form of dementia.

The Celebrity Auction story continues,

Clinton has a history of blackouts, falls, memory loss, blinding headaches, vision problems and collapses dating back at least a decade. In 2005, she fainted during a luncheon speech in Buffalo, N.Y. Four years later, then–Secretary of State Clinton broke her right elbow in a mysterious fall in a U.S. State Department garage. In 2011, Clinton collapsed while boarding a flight in Yemen, but insisted she’d simply slipped.

Recall back in May 2014, when GOP strategist Karl Rove alluded to Clinton being brain-damaged after she suffered a head injury from a fall in Dec. 2012. It was a legitimate speculation, since The ENQUIRER reported at the time that Clinton had collapsed at home, striking her head.

Clinton was hospitalized for three nights with a concussion, and doctors discovered a blood clot in a vein found between the brain and the skull behind her right ear.

Rove charged that the Clinton team was covering up what really happened, and insisted Hillary “had some kind of traumatic brain injury.”

Later on, Clinton was later seen publicly wearing glasses with a prism designed to correct double vision, a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis.

“With the symptoms of falling, unstable balance and vision problems, she could have early symptoms of MS that went undiagnosed for years,” Dr. Leslie R. Matthews, assistant professor of surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, told The ENQUIRER.

An insider said, “It makes you wonder how long Hillary has been hiding her condition. Bill and their daughter, Chelsea, have to be extremely concerned.”

“She is ignoring doctors who are telling her, ‘Running for president will kill you.’ She believes she was put on Earth for this, and there’s no convincing her otherwise,” an insider claimed.

Just in time for Hillary to retire, and allow some other rich old white Democrat his shot.


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