Revealed: Hillary’s Real War on Women

I can hardly wait for Monica Lewinsky to come out of the woodwork, now that she’s tired of being the butt of Clinton jokes.

And her appearance would certainly be warranted, given the latest soon-to-be Hillary Clinton woes.

Roger Stone and Robert Morrow will unveil her and husband Bill’s real war on women in their new book.

On October 13th, the same day as the first Democratic Presidential Debate, Stone’s and Morrow’s book “The Clintons’ War on Women” will be released. Great timing, and sure to be a distraction for Hillary. But if that’s not enough, Hillary will also testify before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October 22nd.

Talk about your October surprise, just a year earlier than expected.

And why now. Since Hillary has made the Republicans’ war on women one of her central themes in her presidential campaign, it’s time her chickens come home to roost.

Keep in mind Hillary’s most recent slam on Republicans, when she compared the GOP to terrorists on the issue. But who are the real terrorists?

Stone said in interview with Breibart:

“If Hillary intends to build her campaign around an appeal to women, her campaign is built on quicksand. Hillary is a life-time abuser of women and her advocacy on women issues rings hollow. She denigrates, degrades and threatens those women who are unlucky enough to be the sexual assault victims of her husband, and that number, you know, is in the hundreds.”

According to Stone, there were 14 individual cases where Hillary hired private detectives to threaten and silence Bill’s victims. A press release for the book by Stone and Morrow reveals several more damaging arguments:

  • Bill’s series of sexual assaults on Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broaddrick , Carolyn Moffet, Liz Ward Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Paula Jones, Kathy Fergusen, Christy Zercher and Kathleen Willey, among dozens of others.
  • The details of Bill’s rape of 19-year-old Emily Wellstone, for which he was thrown out of Oxford.
  • Hillary’s use of heavy-handed private detectives to collect information on Bill’s victims and then silence them.
  • Hillary’s strange relationship with top aide Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife.
  • The Clinton’s association with convicted pedophile and “Friend of Bill” Jeffrey Epstein.
  • The identities of wealthy donors to the Clinton Presidential Library, including the Sultan of Brunei, who maintains a harem of under-age girls in the country he rules.
  • Who is Chelsea Clinton’s real father? A DNA test proves it’s not Bill Clinton.
  • The adult Chelsea’s “Reign of Terror” at the Clinton Foundation, and why co-workers call her greedy, entitled, and abusive.
  • Even more dark family secrets are divulged, such as Bill Clinton’s ties to murder, his time in drug rehab, and his illegitimate African American son whom he refuses to acknowledge, support, or nurture.

Hillary and her cult of Leftist followers will undoubtedly cry foul. They will try to spin the revelations in this book as a “right wing conspiracy.” That tactic almost worked in 1998 when she defended Bill against allegations that he had sex in the White House with Monica Lewinsky; that is until Bill admitted it.

Hillary has been a master at playing the gender card on women’s issues to her advantage. It’s time to call her on her bluff.

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