Hot Model Gives Amazing Response About Mental Health

Supermodel Jesinta Campbell is engaged to a famous soccer player, Lance “Buddy” Franklin.

Franklin needed to take some time off for “mental health reasons” and Campbell has been very vocal in the media supporting his decision. However,  the Daily Telegraph’s gossip columnist Annette Sharp wrote quite an insane list of reasons the two should postpone their wedding, and here is reason #9:

“9: Because Jesinta may still be absorbing the news that mental illness can be hereditary.”

What Campbell wrote back on Twitter is priceless:


It’s refreshing to see somebody so young showcase her inner beauty. It’s easy to run from one’s troubles, as if you can ever run far or fast enough to escape them. Campbell apparently supports her fiance, despite his problems.

Draw your own conclusions about this, but this is what I define as Conservatism. This woman could have practically any man she wants, and many (Liberal) woman would bolt from this guy.

Kudos to Campbell!

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