“Immigrants” Die During Police Chase

In case you are wondering about America’s immigration problem, check out this story.

The story has all the intrigue of #BlackLivesMatter, except change it to #ImmigrantLivesMatter. By immigrants, I mean illegals trying to sneak into America, and doing other illegal things that led to the death of a few of them.

As the Houston Chronicle reported, six people died and seven were injured when an SUV crammed with at least 15 people flipped over during a police chase in South Texas early Thursday. The wreck happened about 1:30 a.m. on northbound U.S. 59 in Edna Texas, about 90 miles southwest of Houston. That stretch of road is notorious for bringing in illegals (and narcotics) from Mexico.

The incident began when police tried to stop a 2003 Ford Explorer for a traffic violation. The driver refused to stop and actually sped away, prompting a chase that lasted nearly 10 minutes.  The chase ended when the SUV driver (likely the coyote paid to transport the illegals) lost control, ran off the road, and flipped multiple times. Four of the occupants were thrown from the vehicle, all of whom died.

Click here to read the entire Houston Chronicle story.



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