Iraqi Christians to Be Deported, Syrians to Be Welcomed

Let me get this straight…Obama wants to take in 100,000 Syrians refugees, with the likelihood of jihadists among them, but remains bound and determined to deport 12 Iraqi Christians, who are presently imprisoned in California.

When you find yourself repeating, over and over, the actions of this administration, you aren’t crazy and you aren’t alone. It is simply something one does when the action to be taken in order to get to a desired goal is counterintuitive. This pretty much describes the whole Obama presidency.

Many in the intelligence community say that the Syrian refugees cannot be vetted properly. The average American believes one of the main responsibilities of our president is to protect the country and its inhabitants from enemies both foreign, and domestic. If President Obama was taking his job seriously, then he would see to it that those immigrating here go through a rigorous system in order to determine if the individual being admitted has any reason to harm the country or its citizens.

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But again, Obama works counterintuitively. His actions appear to do the exact  opposite of what he should be doing. Rather than protecting the country like a shepherd does his flocks, Obama’s actions make America a virtual playground for Islamic terrorists.

And on the flip side, instead of providing safe haven to those whose lives are literally being taken because of their faith, he chooses to throw them to the wolves. Of all people who deserve safe haven in this country, Christians being killed for their faith should rank pretty high on the list.

Approximately 27 Chaldean Christians from Iraq entered into America using the San Ysidro Port of Entry about six months ago, and have been held in the Otay Mesa Detention Center ever since because of entering without proper approval, or documentation. Many of the Iraqi Christians find it next to impossible to get visas. Twelve of them are being deported back to the country from which they came, several coming by way of Germany.

For starters, if you come to our country, do it the proper way and through the correct channels. With that being said, the irony of this situation cannot be overlooked. Just this past year we have welcomed, with open arms, some 300,000 Muslim refugees from warring countries, but Obama’s administration has turned a blind eye to Christians attempting to escape genocide by Muslim extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Mark Arabo, spokesman for the Minority Humanity Foundation, which assists Chaldean Christians get out of Iraq, was quoted in a recent CBN video as saying,

“It’s clear our border is open to everyone except Christians,”

It is a shame if these people truly are who they claim to be. I’m wondering how  this system turns away these people and then accepts several hundred thousand Syrians?

I guess we are to accept the United Nation’s word that one hundred percent of the immigrants we would be admitting into our communities are genuinely “good” Muslims that wouldn’t cause us harm.

Don’t worry, just keep repeating it to yourself, maybe it will start to make sense like it does in Obama’s head.

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