Jesse Jackson Jr Out of Prison in Time to Run for President

Why shouldn’t former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr run for president?! Then Democrats would officially have their Dark Horse candidate.

Ok, Jackson might be too late for president, as the Democrats are already running another crook. But what about Vice President? A Clinton-Jackson ticket could be just what the Democrats need to give a boost to their oval office hopes. It might be historic, i.e. the first presidential administration that operates from prison! Imagine Hillary Clinton as the shot-caller from Sing-Sing.

There are other aspects to this possibility, and it’s along racial lines, a favorite for Leftists: white woman, black man. We could call the ticket, “Mandingo 2016!”

The women’s movement would be a sure bet to support it. However, there would be a bit of blowback from black Liberal women, as they detest seeing a black man with a white woman under any circumstances.

I even thought of a Democrat campaign slogan: Crooked through the whole color spectrum!


Jackson is a viable Vice Presidential hopeful, as he officially completed his prison sentence Friday. Think about it. Jackson tried to buy the Senate, and this prison term could be just what the Democrats ordered. After all, he certainly fits right in with the racketeering Clinton, since Jackson pleaded guilty to illegally spending $750,000 in campaign money.

From court filings we learned they spent campaign money on a mounted elk heads, as well as Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson memorabilia. Jackson even had the audacity to buy a gold Rolex valued at $43,350. Though small in comparison to the money the Clintons have been accused of extorting, at least Jackson made the effort!

Jackson had been on the last penultimate phase of his sentence, which is home confinement in Washington in recent months. However he was officially registered as free from custody Friday afternoon, U.S. Bureau of Prisons spokesman Edmond Ross said.

Jesse Jackson, Sr said he was happy his son’s prison term had been completed.

“It’s a cause for celebration,” the elder Jackson said in a telephone interview Friday evening. He said his son had dutifully served his time and “deserves redemption and renewal.”

Something tells me that Sandra, wife of Junior isn’t feeling much of a cause for celebration, given the circumstances. Unfortunately for Mrs. Sandra “Sandi” Jackson, Junior’s release means she must soon start serving her year-long prison term in connection to the case. Jackson’s wife, Sandi, a former Chicago city councilwoman, was sentenced to a year in prison on a tax conviction related to the case. In a concession to the couple’s two school-aged children, the judge allowed the Jacksons to stagger their sentences. White privilege much, Jacksons?

Jesse Jackson Jr. served in Congress from 1995 until he resigned in November 2012, where he simply quit showing up for work. Remember that Jackson also tried oto keep his Congressional pay.

He left Congress that June, and his staff eventually confirmed he took a medical leave for treatment for what the spin doctors deemed bipolar disorder and “other issues.” The other issues were things like loving to spend other people’s money, while pretending to be a representative of the same people.

Ultimately Jackson pleaded guilty to one felony fraud count in February of 2013, and he was off to prison.

The 50-year-old was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison. But with credit for good behavior and completing a substance-abuse program, he spent a year and a half in prison, then three months in a halfway house and three months confined to his home.

The final phase of Jesse Jackson’s sentence require him to serve three years of supervised release and complete 500 hours of community service performing tasks “to benefit disadvantaged individuals.”


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