Lab Update: Another Hillary Clinton Makeover?

Liberals don’t know who they really are, and in a constant search to “find themselves”. This is why once again America is being treated to yet another Hillary make-over.

The 68-year old Hillary Clinton is re-re-re-introducing herself to American voters.

It is a strategy that is not new for the Left, as back during the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore hired Author and Political Advisor Naomi Wolf to give the man who would be president a new look, a kinder, gentler look. Wolf suggested that Gore wear more earth tones because they were more “reassuring” to audiences. This may have been because “reassuring” was not the first word that came to mind when considering a Gore presidency and his continuation of Bill Clinton policies.

Makeovers, resets, and do-overs seem to represent the norm for Hillary Clinton. Before she ever made her announcement to run for president, her close friend and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg did her best to launch the “ban bossy” campaign. The Left wanted to ban this restrictive and sexist word because its negative connotations “kept girls from achieving”. What it was really designed to do was to keep Conservatives from labeling Hillary Clinton as “bossy”; ok, a bitch! Let’s just say that campaign went over like Lewinsky at Chelsea’s baby shower.

Most recently, the “showing heart and spontaneity” world tour has begun, with all the choreography and scripting of all Hillary Clinton events. It was time to meet the new real, old Hillary (pun intended). Americans will now suddenly realize that we just did not know the “real” Hillary; you know, the one who has 47 bodies (and counting) in her wake.

The new Hillary is the life of the party, loves to go out and have umbrella drinks with her girlfriends, and is a harmless doting grandmother.

Thankfully the woman who would be king has finally decided to find her true self, her inner beauty as it were.

Most would say she’s a late bloomer, given that most of us know who we are by the age of say 30. If you are in the remedial program, it might take you to 40. I can only surmise that when you’ve lived your life as a total fraud, you have a bit of catching up to do?

If the Left chooses Hillary Clinton as their nominee, they will be selecting a “leader” who still doesn’t quite know who she is. At least Clinton has another year of hitting the talk show circuit, and who knows, may do a bit of stand-up to help her with spontaneity?

If that does not work, it may be back to the lab for more adjustments by Dr. Frankenstein.

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