A Lesson for Black Liberals about “Do Nothing” Republicans

Black Liberal Democrats constantly complain about the do-nothing Republicans.

Republicans have every reason to dismiss their ignorance, since Black Liberals gladly “step-n-fetchit” for any Democrat willing to publicly sodomize them.

One of my friends posted on Craigslist the answer to those who say the Republicans do nothing.

Liberals said The Republican solution to the problem has been to “do nothing” for 150 years and the solution for the future is more “do nothing.”

Answer: Yes, the solution is “do nothing” or as all good anti-slavery Americans said, “make the most of it.”

The reason former slaves begged Democrats to please just leave them alone and “do nothing” for them was because, as Frederick Douglass said, their “doing” was causing them “positive injury.”

Nothing has changed.

Democrats keep pushing their slave system on people who don’t want it.

Republicans have always been champions of the free market. Free-market capitalism is the only system in the history of the world that can lift people out of poverty. Dependency does not bring prosperity.

On the other hand, the Democrat Party’s slave system program of payment disguised as free govmint cheese, Medicaid, and EBT cash payments from ATMs in strip clubs is designed to prevent people from owning property (not even a lawn-mower to cut grass for a living!).

Welfare gives the slave only just enough provisions to keep him on the hook voting for his daily bread, and is a political control mechanism.

In 1857, when the Democrats began proposing socialism as a “replacement” for free-market capitalism, the New York Times fired back:

“The South tells us that some thousands of us suffer want once in twenty years. We answer, we know it, and are sorry for it; but if Slavery is our only remedy, we welcome the calamity. If it were necessary to secure our liberty, thousands of us would not only starve, but hundreds of thousands would submit to be pounded with round shot and hacked with sabres.”

“We are willing to give our opponents all possible odds–we are willing to concede to Slavery all the advantages they claim for it–we are willing to put all money value of negroes out of sight–to acknowledge, for the sake of general argument merely, to having twenty thousand men and women starving in New York at this moment, and yet maintain that our [free market] system is incomparably better than theirs. Granted that no man in the South ever suffers from want–and granted that in the North a great number do suffer from it every year, and once in twenty years during financial crises like the present in greater number still–we still assert that Slavery is a great curse and a great calamity, and free labor a great good. This is our creed: make the most of it.”

How the New York Times has changed! And so have black people.

Blacks have gone from asking the government to “do nothing,” to expecting it to “do EVERYTHING!” Who needs a mower, when an illegal Mexican lives nearby, brought courtesy of Barack Obama at the behest of Al Sharpton? The best the Black Liberal Democrat would do: play “step-n-fetchit” to fill that illegal’s mower with EBT cash payments for gas!

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